aWIZ working hours and service timing

We are located in Europe, this is why our working hours are GMT (though we do our best to stay available for as long as possible within daytime, we can't guarantee it).
Just like any person or company, we need to take a rest now and then. Our working days are from Monday to Friday, our working hours are from 10AM to 6PM GMT (we do our best to stay online on weekends, though we can't guarantee it).

Installing the script after purchase

After we receive the payment, and in case ALL the information entered by the customer is valid and the server configuration complies with aWIZ requirements described [here], we install the script within 1 working day. Attention: if the initial settings or submitted information are not accurate, 1 working day starts after the customer provides us with 100% accurate information and server configuration.

Customer support

We see it as our obligation to respond to customer requests within shortest possible time and solve the arising problems with maximum efficiency. However, the customer herewith confirms his or her understanding that the respond time may be up to 24 hours.

We cannot be held responsible for all kinds of spam filters and instant messengers in case of information lost. If the customer did not get a reply from us within 24 hours, in most cases it means that the initial request or our reply did not reach the recipient. In this case the customer has to check the mailbox spam folder or choose another way of reaching us to repeat the request.

The customer may also use our support message board to guarantee 100% request reach. In other cases our customer support department cannot be held responsible for possible communication problems and inadequate service quality.

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