aWIZ General Requirements

1. On your server should be installed Apache, operation system (Unix, Linux, Windows), PHP version between 5.0 and 5.3.x, MySQL higher than 3.2.

2. In the php.ini set the following values:
a) 'safe_mode' as Off
b) the value of 'open_basedir' should allow to read the root level of your domain:
We recommend to leave value of the 'open_basedir' blank

c) should be possible to increase the value of 'memory_limit' up to 32 or 64 Mb, if will be required.

3. Permissions on the server's folders and files (members folder and files, script folders and files, content folders and filescontent) must be CHMOD 0777 and they all should have the same owner (CHOWN).

4. Check settings of your GD library:
If it doesn't exist, ask you server's tech support to install GD 2 library. The following settings are important:
GD Support - enabled
GD Version - bundled (2 or higher)
JPG Support - enabled
PNG Support - enabled

5. The content and paysites' domains should be located at the same physical server.

6. For Deluxe edition of aWIZ also is required mplayer. Your sysadmin or tech-support can find all necessary data by the following link:
additional codec for WMV format: