Validation of manual posting or autosubmitter.

he automatic multi-conditional verification of gallery at its submitting (conditions are set by administrator).

Black list check of email, URL and IP-address of a webmaster.

Authenticity verification of e-mails. Administrator may set the following conditions for automatic verification of galleries.
1. - Presence or absence of a certain Html code on a gallery page (set via admin panel, unlimited number). In case of its presence - refusal in registration with explanation of the reason.
2. - Accessibility check of each picture.
3. - The minimal number of pics in a gallery.
4. - The minimal-maximum picture size.
5. - The maximum number of posts that can be submitted by each person in 24 hour.
6. - The maximum number of posts that can be submitted by each partner in 24 hour.

In case gallery goes through automatic verification successfully, the webmaster is sent an automatic confirmation letter (template of the letter may be modified). The galleries that are not confirmed during 24 hours are automatically deleted from the base.
TGP administrator may approve or refuse publication of a gallery. Administrator can see number of extraneous links (which are not the links to photos and back links) in a gallery and their list as active links viewable in a new window. JavaScript warning.
Before approving, it is possible to modify the description of a gallery (number of symbols of description is set in set-up panel), to place it in top listing, to mark with icons (set in set-up panel). It is possible to re-publish the present gallery in every (set) days, the total number of days (set) - with fulfillment of an appropriate action. In case of refusal in publication - one may add e-mail, URL and IP-address of the webmaster to the blacklist.

The visitors of TGP site may now use new resource that enables them to report the galleries containing pop-ups and redirect.
In his turn, admin can delete such gallery from the list adding URL, IP and webmaster's e-mail to black list.
TGP Admin can now post gallery from admin panel.

Automatic availability and modification verification of all galleries (absence of modifications since last posting) - number of checks per day is determined by gallery administrator (is subject to approval by server administrator).

Modifiable gallery display format - "date" (the number of days is set), "category" - (the number of galleries is set).

Modifiable design of the title page (that reflects the list of galleries), archive pages for each category, registration form pages, letters.

Forming a gallery reserve that will fill each successive day when there are no new submits (under autonomous and emergency conditions).

Setting the modifiable number of blind links in the listing with their marking with a special icon or without it. New listing preview and editing, previous to publication.

Search function by set word of phrase through all galleries.

Submitting of any number of autopasswords (posting without moderation) and any number of moderators. E-mail sending to all e-mail addresses ever submitted by applicants.

Daily automatic back-up function - storage of the database copy in a fixed place.


"Cheating report" option is updated.
Now moderator gets a user's message containing description of the type and kind of cheating in each case.
This allows preventing galleries from getting in Cheaters categories by accidental click or user's mistake.

Webmaster's IP address verification at submitting galleries on the list of anonymous proxy-servers is added. Now, if one posts from one of more than 1500 anonymous proxy-servers (this shows webmaster's wish not to show his real IP address), the galleries are declined. This measure helps to filter off cheaters on the first stage.

New category in a blacklist! Now script auto-verifies IPaddress of the server and deprives cheater of the chance to hide behind domain name. In a few days you can make the list of IP addresses of the hostings that use system means to redirect and cheat your TGP!

There exist no script that provides similar possibilities to fight modern and high-tech means of cheating except aWIZtgp!

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