aWIZ License Agreement


By purchasing software from (and any sites under this domani name), named below as "Product", you accept this Agreement.


This license agreement grants you the following rights:

"Forus R&MG" grants the customer a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the software contained on this web site (the "Product"), solely for internal use by your business or for your own personal use.

Given Products are a subject of exclusive and indivisible intellectual property owned by "Forus Research and Media Group Inc."

You may install (or we may install for you) and you may use a single copy of Product on a single Unix/Linux/Windows/Sun server only per purchase. The Product is sold as a single product. Its components may not be separated for use on more than one server.
The Customer may not run the script on customers, clients, members, hosting clients, or any other third party website.

Customer is the only authorised person to contact us regarding installation or usage of his copy of Product. We do not provide any information to any other persons, we do not directly contact to any 3rd persons like sysadmins, hosters' tech-support and etc on the customer's side.

The Customer may modify the Product's script-codes for their own personal use and at their own risk, but "Forus R&MG" can't accept any responsibility for possible damages or further unproper script's work. Also we DO NOT provide any support or mistakes search in modified codes.
If the script doesn't work after changes/modifications, made by the Customer, we can re-install and adjust again the initial script. This installation service should be additionally paid by Customer.

Client may request additional function or other type of re-working of the script on the paid custom base. We at Forus R&MG put forth all of our effort to provide additional services and specifically ordered script editing for minimal (and sometimes even partial) prices. However, Forus R&MG keeps the right to use code developed for customers within its commercial products without any consent or notifications from the customer. Also the customer does understand and agree that making custom modifications to the script makes it impossible to apply further script upgrades. In such a case, the implementation custom changes to a new version can be done manually on the basis of paid services.

The Customer may not copy, translate, port, modify or make derivative works of the Products for sale or distribution.
The Customer may not rent, disclose, publish, sell, assign, lease, sublicense, market, or use the Products in any manner not expressly authorized by this Agreement.
The Customer shall not use the Products to run multiple copies for other third parties or for any other use involving the processing of data for other persons or entities.
The Customer does not receive any, and "Forus R&MG" retains all, ownership rights of the Products. The Products are copyrighted and may not be copied, even if modified or merged with other Products. The Customer shall not alter or remove any copyright notice or proprietary legends contained in the Products.
If you should distribute a copy of this script to another (ie, give a "free copy" out to a friend), then your script will stop working, their illegal copy of the script will stop working, you will get no refund in whole nor in part, you will have violated this contract, and you may also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for theft and piracy.
"Forus R&MG" provides free of charge one initial installation of the Product. Further possible re-installations, caused by the changing of server, damage or HDD data loss, or by any other reason, initiated by the Customer - are chargeable, and should be discussed with "Forus R&MG".

After the 180 days of announcement about a new version of Product issuing on the Product's website, further re-installation or support for older versions are not provided anymore.


The Customer is required to use the Products as intended in the Product descriptions, User Manual and official aWIZ Support Board - available on the website.

A Customer's purchased Product is transferrable to another individual, company, or third party only if "Forus R&MG" is notified and approves of the transfer. In all cases all copyrights and headers must remain intact. The Customer will not use the Products in any malicious manner, including: spamming, false advertising, fraud, and any other "intent to harm" any website, company, or persons.

The Customer may request and will get free of charge upgrades of Product, added and announced on the Product's website later of the date of his purchase - only within the version he purchased.


During 30 days from the moment of payment, we provide any client with immediate refund or money back in the following fair cases:
a) you will ground the discrepancy between aWIZ features, specified on this site, and the real aWIZ script's condition;
b) client's server has non-standard configuration (excepting requirements clearly explained in "General requirements"), which is incompatible with aWIZ.

In all other cases, please read attentively the script's info and the features before purchasing.

We do not provide refund for the case of incomplete or untimely installation due to the wrong data access (or server paths), given by a client or due to the system settings different from the "General requirements"!
Refund will not be provided in the following cases:
a) script's damage due to the neglect of User Manual, as well as wrong changing the script's settings by the client.
b) if execution of scripts functions is blocked by the any settings of client's PC software (antivirus, firewall, specific browser's settings and etc.).

No Refund will be issued when the script is installed and working properly as described on the Product's website.

Ungrounded demands of refund or chargeback will be considered as an attempt of copyright violation, and as attempt to get software piratically and free of charge. In such cases the client's info (domain's and email registration data, payment data) will be blacklisted, and we will be forced to make public the client's details in order to warn other honest sellers/developers from the further cases of swindle with software. Also in such cases client's license will be cancelled and execution of script will be blocked.

After 30 days from the moment of purchase demands of refund or cancellation by any reason are unacceptable and unsolvable.

Any scripts customization or web-design orders are considered as completed and closed, if customer didn't contact us during 1 month after order placement or didn't respond to our message regarding the order during 1 month. No money back are provided for such orders and further actions are possible only as completely new separate order.

Webdesign orders and paid script customisations are non-refundable.


The Products are provided to you on an "as is" and "with all faults" basis.
The Customer assumes the entire risk of loss in using the Products. The Products are complex and modifications to the software during the installation process or changes in web server configurations may prevent the software from functioning properly. In no event shall "Forus R&MG" be liable to you or any third party for any damages, claims or losses incurred (including, without limitation, compensatory, incidental, indirect, special, consequential or exemplary damages, lost profits, lost sales or business, expenditures, investments, or commitments in connection with any business, loss of any goodwill, or damages resulting from lost data or inability to use data) irrespective of whether "Forus R&MG" has been informed of, knew of, or should have known of the likelihood of such damages. In no event shall "Forus R&MG" liability to you or any third party exceed the initial cost of the software purchased.

Please familiarize yourself with our working hours and service timing

Declaration of fraud prevention

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