Declaration of fraud prevention
Definition: we love our customers and care for them just as much as we hate scammers and pirates!

Unfortunately there are people who think online refunds and chargebacks are easy and do not bring about any responsibility.

These fraudsters first pay for the script, have the script installed and configured by the developers, receive manuals and get answers to all of their questions and then request their money back. In offline business this is nothing but swindle. On the Internet, however, these people stay anonymous which enables them to act as dirty as they only can.

This is a warning: you won't get away with scamming aWIZ like this. No ungrounded chargebacks and refunds will take place! We do not only protect our business, we stand for honest entrepreneurship and copyright protection. This is our position which hopefully makes the web a better place to stay and do business.

Any unjustified chargeback or refund will make us initiate a detailed investigation with the team of our lawyers. If scamming is found, information about this customer will be submitted to all possible blcklists which will make further online purchases barely possible for this person, making honest businesses of other people safer.

Our lawyers will contact the customer bank and provide every detail possible needed to reconsider the chargeback. Believe our experience, the money will be returned to us even if the chargeback was already made. We will also have explain the nature of business of this customer to his or her bank. If contacting the bank directly won't help, we will take legal action.

In certain cases we reserve the right to contact the police in the customer's place of residence to initiate criminal prosecution. The customer has to understand that in accordance with the current bank regulations a chargeback is possible only because of not getting the product which was paid for, or credit card theft. Being allegedly 'dissatisfied' with the product is not among legal reasons to do so. Cases where moneyback is acceptable are listed in the aWIZ License Agreement. False evidence for a chargeback is a crime, and we will do everything within our reach to make sure this crime brings about adequate punishment.

All said above is not related to moneyback procedures listed in the license agreement. In legal cases customer satisfaction is always our first priority.

Please note that in other cases phrases like 'I did not know', 'never read this', 'I supposed that' are not enough to get compensated. Our website provides extensive product information, plenty of demos, a message board for possible buyers etc. We never limit your ability to contact us before purchasing, which gives you a perfect chance to get all the information you need and find out whether our product is something you really want to buy.

As this Declaration is part of the License agreement, the customer herewith gives us the right to act as described above in case an unjustified refund or chargeback is initiated.

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